Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Padres, Pitching, Petco

A week into the new season deserves a look into the week of former Padre greats.

In Jake Peavy’s second start, he managed to get two extra outs than he did in his first start, as well as give up 4 extra runs, bringing his 2010 ERA to 8.44. And no, his first two games were not against the Red Sox or Yankees lineups, they were against the Blue Jays and the Indians.

What’s Trevor Hoffman up to you ask? Blowing two out of his four save opportunities so far, with an ERA of 13.50. I wonder if his Hall of Fame cap will have an M on it?

2 innings and 2 home runs given up for Olise Claiborne (Cla) Meredith out in Baltimore.

Two games. Two blown saves. Two innings. I realize this isn’t the end of the world for any of these former Padre stars. Was Cla a star? But it still begs the question: Can any of our pitchers pitch outside of Petco?

I’ll check back in towards the end of May with an update on how these three are doing, as well as look at the home/road splits of the current Padres staff. But, I’m not expecting much.

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frmdabronx said...

Former Padre "greats" still need to find a synonym for "greats"...the ONLY great, and even this is a little questionable, is TREVOR...that's all...BRING IT ON !

I TAKE THAT BACK ON TREVOR, especially since he pitched a LONG TIME for a LOUSY TEAM that was invisible west of the Mississippi before expansion.