Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Baseball teams make a lot of strange choices. They do things like trading fan favorites, raising ticket prices or wearing camouflage jerseys. They make choices that we as fans can never understand and their marketing departments are no different. Over the years teams have taken a lot of odd photos of their stars and made them look ridiculous. David Eckstein's walk-off home run last night has given me the excuse to mine the internet for weird photos of Little Davey. Enjoy.

If I was a philosopher and needed a publicity photo for my latest philosophy conference this is the type of picture I would take. It doesn't seem quite right for a baseball player:

This one is silly. And also betrays the fundamentals. Always keep your eye on the ball. Look into your glove. Use two hands. The kids won't know what to do now. Way to be a role model Davey:

I love this one because it's clearly just a shortstop making a throw to first base, but then you add the phantoms all around him and he looks bad ass. A routine play made to look like it's supernatural. Also, it looks like he's trying to take a shit.

This one is beautiful for a lot of reasons, but the imagery suggests explosions. That's silly. A+. Also, in this one it looks like Davey is throwing up in his mouth a little bit.

This isn't real, it's from another blog (Tiricosuave.com), but it shows up when you Google image David Eckstein. Nice work, guys:

And finally, did you know that David Eckstein is married to a hot chick? And she's five foot two inches? I didn't. I bet she was stoked when he won that game yesterday:


Mud Flaps Grant said...

Nice. Toddler Eckstein is the version I see in mind. The Padres should all dress like babies for Sunday's games. I mean, it is kids day.

Upcoming promotion: Lunch Box Day:


For some reason, Peavy (er, #44) has a bionic left arm

It's no coincidence that the Padres wear their Camo jerseys for kids day. So aside from Slinkies, wallets, and lunch boxes.... the kids get to see GI JOES playing baseball. Nice work Padres. Way to get 'em while they're young.

And now to your in-game host... Sgt. Slaughter! [Jeff has the night off to wax his chin trench]

Dallas. said...

Holy Davey! Mrs. Eckstein is hotter than Mrs. Kotsay.

Josh Elwell said...

RE: Dallas. That's an outrageous statement. http://www.playerwives.com/mlb/boston-red-sox/mark-kotsays-wife-jamie-kotsay/

Joe said...

Yeah, dude. Kotsay's wife is the hottest. Ever.

nick mccann said...

I like Jose Lima's wife. And I like Jose Lima's life.