Monday, October 25, 2010

Podcast Ep. 014 now up!

Hey TKFers! Listen in to the latest TKF podcast!

In this episode we dissect the end of the Padres season and we also talk about the Chargers woes as they keep losing!

This podcast was recorded after the Chargers loss to the Raiders, so it's a bit old but we had some technical issues getting it up. We will start with new podcasts next week! Subscribe here


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Friday, October 22, 2010

What Happened to the Podcast?

Well, if you are a subscriber the latest episode is now up.

A full post with description and links will be forthcoming.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Screw it, Red Bull time. Second inning.

To be fair, I'm pretty sure Heath Bell would give a similar interview in this situation. But this did nothing to remove my image of Brian Wilson as a lunatic. Is it 'cause he's so entertaining that I hate him? Maybe. But it's mainly the him being a lunatic thing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do We Also Talk About the Chargers?

It's a rare feeling to be 6 weeks into the NFL season and not really know what's going on. Usually by the time football is starting up the Padres have been in bad shape for months and looking towards the Chargers season is the thing that makes me feel better. This year, the Padres didn't stick to the program and as a result I was paying full attention to their run. I barely thought about Phillip and his bad attitude or the fact that Antonio Gates played basketball in college. Now that the Padres season has come to a close I find that I'd rather take a break from sports than get involved with the Chargers. Maybe by the midpoint I'll be ready to invest some time in a San Diego franchise, but for now I'm still reveling in the afterglow of a Padres season that I'm glad happened.
In the week after October 3rd (never forget) I found myself wondering how I'd look back on this year. Would it be the ten game losing streak that I'd remember? Or would I always think about the tremendous pitching? Around the sixth inning of that last game against the Giants I went to a dark place. I wondered why I had wasted so much time on this team and why I bothered to care. And I wasn't sure if that feeling was going to last. But here I am, two weeks later and I already can't wait for next year. It's been a long time since I was excited about the Padres and I'm thankful that our no-name team got me there. And the most startling aspect of that is that it's revealed my utter lack of investment in the NFL. I've realized now I was just using it to fill in the gaps. So... go Chargers, I guess. I'm certainly pulling for them, but they're not that important. And that's kind of nice to realize.

Besides, we lost to the Raiders for the first time in 7 years. Why do I want to get behind that team?

Keeping the Faith,


Monday, October 4, 2010

Dead and Gone

My phone broke last week, so I have my sister's old one. I'm too lazy to change the sound settings, which means I've been waking up to T.I. and Justin Timberlake's "Dead and Gone" in the mornings. Yesterday, I let the song play as I laid in bed thinking about the Padres. It just seemed right. I'd "been travelin' on this road too long" and the season truly was "dead and gone."

Sunday was my birthday and I was on a quick trip, away from technology during the game. When I got back into San Diego that night, I got the text confirming what I dreaded - the Padres lost. The season was "Dead and Gone," as opposed to bringing "Beauty in the World" like Macy Gray's song had done so many times for me following a Padres win this season. But this was it. The season was over. No more cheery Macy Gray music till next season.

That's when I went to my car and opened the envelope I was putting off opening. I looked at the beautiful design of a full strip of two tickets apiece to what would have been every Padres home game this postseason. I went to 20 games this year with the 20-game season ticket plan and jumped at the opportunity to buy tickets to the playoffs, figuring I'd go to a game per series and scalp the rest. Now I'll be getting my money back. I just hope that doesn't affect the reward points I gained on my credit card.

I don't have the strength to look back at what happened this season. Geoff Young took care of that for me and Corey Brock is already pumping out previews for 2011. To 2011 it is. Time to push on.

I love the steam from the hot stove, so I'm already ignoring what happened and looking forward to how Hoyer and co. handle an off-season after this year's success. And yes, I do count a 90-win season as a success. We now have the distinction of being the first 90-win team since the '06 White Sox to not make the playoffs. And, oh what a shitty distinction that is.

This season had its ups and downs. (So did the consistency of The Kept Faith's postings.) The Padres got to 90 wins. (We started a podcast.) Jed gave us all Ryan Ludwick and Miguel Tejada - this isn't the place to debate what they actually added. (We gave you a Twitter account to follow.)

If there really is beauty in the world, Macy, then hopefully this season was the start of a long run of 90+ win seasons for the Padres. And maybe this was the start of some semblance of consistency in content from TKF.

I'm skeptical of both. But a guy can have faith, right? Yes! Name of the blog tie-in!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Please God (Pt. 2)

Or not. Whatever you think is best.