Thursday, September 30, 2010

Please God

I don't ask for much from you. In fact, I spend a large amount of my time denying your existence. But if you could do this atheist one little favor I promise I won't deny your existence so vehemently. Is there any way you could put the Padres in the playoffs for me? I'd just really appreciate it so much.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Learning Who I Am

Tonight is a big night for me. This weekend is a big weekend for me. I have grown up a fan of two NL teams and while that has been laughed at and even mocked by many, there is really nothing I can do about it.

You see in 1983 my parents split. I was three years old at the time and was just about to move from a tiny town in Ohio to a gigantic sunny city called San Diego. My world was changing 110% and I had no idea. How could I? I was three for Pete Rose's sake.

My Dad is a huge sports fan. Always has been and I presume always will be. He played fantasy baseball when no one had even heard of the internet and he took me to my first football game. A pre-season Cincinnati Bengals game in which I met Boomer Esiason. My Dad has always, and presumably will always root for the Bengals, thee Ohio State Buckeyes and the Cincinnati Reds.

It's that last one that has stuck with me the most, although I do root pretty hard the Buckeyes and have even been known to yell at and/or throw things at Michigan fans. But, the Reds were the one.

My Mom also loved baseball while I grew up and, like all women in San Diego during the 80's, had a huge crush on Steve Garvey. We went to a lot of Padres games and of course I learned to love the team that represented my city. I spent most of the summers till I was 16 visiting my Dad in Ohio and the rest of my year in San Diego with my Mom. During the dog days I must have watched twenty Reds games a year, but spring and fall baseball was cheered on at the Murph.

You might think to yourself, well Dallas, it seems to me you should have tried to pick one team and stuck with them; this would have given you something to fight with your Dad about. But, I couldn't mainly because I truly began to love baseball in the late 80's and early 90's. This meant I never really saw a good Padres team live but got to watch a lot of great Reds teams on TV and once at Riverfront Stadium. I watched every game of their four game World Series sweep over the A's in 1990. Sure, I got to see Tony Gwynn hit, but I'd hear stories about Chris Sabo's diving play at 3rd or Eric Davis' line drive homerun. These stories were told to me threw my Dad who made this sound amazing and created a legend most fans only attributed to Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams. To me Paul O'Neill was Joe D. and Tom Browning was Cy Young. They were almost mythical and the days I would get to listen to them play on the radio in Ohio made me feel like I was listening to history.

After the 1994 strike, like most fans I lost touch with the game. I moved on to playing basketball, skateboarding and listening to NOFX. When the Padres went to the World Series in 1998 I found myself being pulled back in to the game I once lived for. What made it even sweeter was the guy playing right field for the Yankees that year was Paul O'Neill. At that point the game was no longer Padres V. Yankees - it was Gwynn V. O'Neill. You have to understand that up until 1992 O'Neill and Barry Larkin were the Reds. People loved them and they loved the city. When Paulie O was traded to the Yankees that year a lot of people knew the era of the Reds being relevant was going bye-bye. As I watched the '98 Series play out and the Padres get pummeled I still smiled watching Paulie O win one more. I figured Gwynn would get another chance, I mean we had a great team so why would we not be back the next year...oh. Crap.

After that World Series I was back and found a new guy to cheer on in Cincinnati nicknamed 'The Mayor' - Sean Casey. I went to the Murph and watched Gwynn and Klesko and Owens and it was great because now things seemed a bit more level. The Reds and Padres were terrible together. I could root for both team knowing it wouldn't matter. That brings us to 2010...

While preparing for this weekend I had decided I wasn't going to go to any of the Reds/Padres games. I would watch from home and quietly cheer for neither team as they are both in contention for a playoff spot. But then like a gift from Randy Myers himself, the Cardinals started to lose and the Reds have taken a commanding lead in the Central. I decided I would go to the games, but I wouldn't wear gear for either side. Then, as tonight drew closer I figured the Padres needed all the support I could give. Half game out and needing to win this weekend series I made my peace with Dusty Baker and Joey Votto and put on my Padres hat and Tony Gwynn Hall of Fame shirt. You're in my city and my city needs this more than you do. I called my Dad and we talked about this series. He understands my decision and wishes both teams luck, but clearly wants another Reds World Series. I can't blame him. I'd like to know how the first one feels.

(And if they meet in the playoffs, yes, my head will explode and I'll probably never be able to speak to my Dad again.)

Let's get 'em Pads!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dallas' Running Diary Padres V. Dodgers 9/22

I’m starting a little late on this diary because I just enjoyed some slices from Bronx Pizza. PEPPERONI WHITESTONE! Anyway, I started this diary just in time to hear the words, “Oscar Salazar steps up to the plate.” Hooray.


  • Salazar flies out. Whaaaaaa????
  • Yorvit flies out.
  • Ted Lilly is still pitching. Remember when he was on the Expos? A’s? Yankees? Cubs? Blue Jays? I do.

John Weisbarth is doing a Sonic Burgers commercial. How did this happen? I didn’t know he was even that famous with the channel 4 crowd to be doing ads. I mean HONESTLY WHO IS GOING TO GO TO SONIC NOW BECAUSE OF JOHN WEISBARTH?! I am.


  • We’re having cable issues in the house.
  • So far I’ve heard that The Cunster made an awesome catch. Cool. Cable back out.
  • Phone call being made.
  • Seriously if you don’t listen to the podcast you should. We spent about 20 minutes railing on how shitty COX Cable is. They are.
  • Cable is back on. The Dodgers scored. I don’t know how.



  • Headley hits a single.
  • Stauffer bunts him over.
  • The Cunster up to bat and he stares at strike three.
  • The Bobblehead Davey Eck hits a broken bat grounder to Furcal who short hops Loney which makes Eck safe, Headley running heads up scores the tying run while Loney then overthrows to A.J. Ellis at home moving Eck to 2nd. Them’s the Padres I love!
  • Oh son-of-a 90’s all-star! Tejada just hit a towering 2-run shot to left field!
  • Referencing the losses of the Braves and Giants, Dick Enberg just said the players can see the scoreboard and they know what’s at stake. It sounded like he was assuming the players can’t read. I think Enberg half believes this.
  • A-Gonz pops out.


  • Stauffer is looking pretty solid for Stauffer. He’s looked good all year. Most people think he’s new. He’s not. He’s older than you think and honestly someone that should be washed up in a cellar bullpen by now. He is lucky the Padres like to give players 4 chances!
  • Minus a single no harm done.



  • Ludwick looks good sometimes and then not other times. I know that’s not insightful. I’m sorry. There is no other way to explain it.
  • Salazar smacks a single to Furcal who misplays it. Lucky. 4th chances…
  • Yorvit drives a double off the wall. Salazar holds at 3rd.
  • Headley walks the bases loaded.
  • Stauffer up and strikes out.
  • The Cunster strikes out with the bases-loaded. That is not like him. Air. Sails. Out.


  • The Cunster makes up for his strikeout by making a full layout forward dive to rob Loney of a base hit! Hang a star?
  • Jay Gibbons? He’s still in the league? Is Jeff Conine still playing?
  • Stauffer (or The Right Stauff as I’ve decided he should be called till he starts to suck.) strikes out Casey Blake so badly he immediately retires and goes back to his home town in Iowa to be the manager of the Clinton LumberKings!



  • The Bobblehead pops out to the catcher.
  • Tejada lines a grounder to Furcal who again can’t handle it and Tejada is safe. 3 for 3 baby! Three Men and a Baby?
  • Hi. My name is Ryan Ludwick. I run hard? Oh, no you’re right I hardly run.

Corona’s new commercial has the tagline “Find Your Beach”, but I’ve never been somewhere without a beach when I saw someone drinking a Corona.


  • The Right Stauff cruises and Eck makes a huge play.


The Kept Faith podcast master, Travis Russell, is in attendance at Dodger Stadium tonight. It’s his first time there. I don’t know how he feels about it but I think that stadium is the worst in California. Yeah, it’s old and has history but the fans will kill you and every section is separated. Add the traffic and I’d rather watch a little league game in Fresno.


  • Salazar flies out. Uhhh….
  • Yorvit strikes out.
  • Headley strikes out.

Oh, did you know that COX has cable service? Thank you for the info COX commercial.


  • Apparently Tommy Lasorda calls Dodger Stadium “Blue Heaven on Earth”. Dick Enberg just said Lasorda “pitched a couple of innings in the major leagues.” I love Enberg.
  • The Right Stauff strikes out early Triple Crown contender Andre Ethier. By early I mean spring training.
  • Kemp swings at strike three. I felt it in the living room! HD changes everything.



  • Enberg: “Oh, the dreaded wave has hit Dodger Stadium.” Mark Grant: “With the amount of fans here tonight it looks more like an undertow.” Ha!
  • Scott Hairston is out. Strange.
  • The Cunster pops out.

Hey did you know that Mark Grant and Mark Neely often run into each other at San Diego County Credit Union? I believe it.


  • I’m watching the game tonight at the Nick McCann Manor and were getting in a heated debate about the current Vincent Jackson situation. Nick is pissed about Jackson getting drunk and getting a DUI a day before a playoff game last season.
  • I think Jackson made Philip Rivers. Nick thinks the opposite. We both agree Antonio Gates made them both.
  • Really it’s Marcus McNeill we need back. Nick won’t stop talking about Jackson being a drunk. It’s funny. Alcoholism is funny.



  • Listen, lets settle this debate by saying the most valuable Charger in the last decade is Darren Bennett.
  • Ludwick gets on base! By getting hit by a pitch.
  • T Gwynn JR grounds out.

Why do schools for graphic design have the worst commercial graphics?

I got distracted by a bunch of things - like Josh Beckett’s career and the state of my fantasy teams. I’m doing well this season though, thanks for asking.


  • Yorvit opens up the inning with a bloop single.
  • Mark Grant just said of Matt Stairs, “that guy loves to swing that bat!” and I’ll add, “Mark Grant likes to bankrupt buffets!”
  • Headley up. Out.
  • Yorvit lazily steals second and gets thrown out. Well, that’s one way to do it.
  • Stairs lines out.


  • Heath Bell in for the Padres.
  • Loney flies out.
  • Kemp gets a little chin music. I’d love a Kemp and Bell fight. It would be the weirdest looking fight of all time.
  • He walks Kemp with 4 high and inside pitches.
  • Heath Bell strikes out Jay Gibbons? Is Kevin Elster still playing?
  • Heath Bell makes Casey Blake look like my brother Casey and the PADRES ARE BACK IN FIRST PLACE!!!!


I’m not sure what happened in LA. They seemed to have it all put together for a big run this year. Torre, ManRam, Kemp and Loney. It seemed like pure blue gold. Then like with all wealthy couples the McCourts had to ruin it. I’m trying to figure out how I can send a Thank You card to the happy couple, but so far all mine have been sent back. Things are looking up Padres fans! Let’s keep this momentum going and take the NL West. Who needs the wild card?

We might.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Am I alone...

Or does this feel better?

I've stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop, because the other shoe did drop. As much as we talked about it, that team never did feel "right" in first place. Fighting for our lives and the sinking feeling in my stomach feels more natural. It feels the way it's supposed to feel.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Kept Faith Podcast Episode 12

New Episode: Taking 2 from the Rockies, was the move downtown a good move? We also talk about the new podcast we are working on "Electric Soup" The Kept Faith Podcast -

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


10-game losing streak... Sweep of the Dodgers... Losing 3 of 4 to the Giants... One game away from sweeping what was baseball's hottest team.

This is all getting really confusing. 18 games left and the Padres are 1.5 bad games away from staying home in October. But they're also 1.5 games strong for a playoff berth. Which one is it!?

At least The Cunster's looking good at the top of the lineup. Leave him in leadoff, Bud. We've finally got to a place in the season where we have a semi-consistent lineup from 2-6 (Eckstein, Ludwick, Gonzalez, Tejada, Headley), why not squeeze a consistent leadoff hitter in there? If the playoffs started today, I'd want that lineup with Durango in CF, Venable and Denorfia on the bench, our dreamy Catcher duo, and Jerry Hairston Jr. and Matt Stairs as the other two on the bench. I'll save my thoughts on the pitchers I want in October if we actually get there.

The offense is finally showing life (on Colorado's Little League field) and has me excited for the next two and a half weeks. Luebke and Stauffer are making fine replacements for Correia and LeBlanc. Young may be on the roster any day now. And Hairston Jr. and Gwynn are finally healthy(ish).

The win some-lose some-win some-lose some approach may be a little frustrating, but if we can keep winning the games we have to win, then I suppose I'll excuse those ugly losses to SF over the weekend.

PS. I just checked and The Cunster's back on top of the lineup for the second straight game! Unheard of! Sweep 'em away Friars. And then go to Busch Stadium this weekend with your heads held high knowing that if you do make the playoffs, you won't have to worry about losing to that crap team in the first round. But beat them, don't get distracted, definitely beat them too. 'Cause they suck right now. So beat them.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eric Show

If you missed this article on Eric Show over at ESPN take a look. Not a happy story.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Kept Faith Podcast Episode 11

New Episode: Surviving the losing streak, Why Cox SUCKS & Steve Garvey joins us (kinda) The Kept Faith Podcast -

There's Nothing Quite Like...

There's nothing quite like sweeping the Dodgers to break out of a ten game losing streak.

Cliff Floyd knows.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day... now go to a game.

September 6th, 2010.

Like it or not (I don't, for the record), but this Labor Day could also commemorate the day the Padres lose sole possession of first place in the NL West. The collective eyes of San Diego are on Mat Latos - the guy with the tattoo of a baseball stitching around his wrist. He's the guy Friar nation needs on the mound tonight and he'll be there. He tried to stop the bleeding last Friday, but the rest of the team got together and said "Nah, we don't need this one, we'll win tomorrow." Well they didn't win "tomorrow," or the next day, or the nine previous games before "the next day." Okay, the point is they're losing a lot and today, Labor Day of all glorious days, starts a week straight of home games against the Dodgers and Giants. This is the biggest week of the season, so if you're reading this and you have some semblance of a passion for the San Diego Padres, go to Petco and show your support. God knows there'll be plenty of Dodgers fans pretending their season still matters and Giants fans knowing their season still matters showing up.

And let's hope Luebke picks up where he left off tomorrow with those last nine hitters he put down. By this time next week, thoughts of a playoff run may be a distant memory. But they're not yet, so let's get to the park and cheer this team on.

Laaaatos FTW!

Friday, September 3, 2010

If it's Yellow let it Mellow

Dallas has already told you about our trip to San Francisco a couple weeks ago to watch the Padres play in enemy territory. I’ve never visited an enemy stadium when anything to care about was on the line and it felt fantastic. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

In the post-win afterglow of our victory over the hated Giants I decided it would be a good idea to get a picture of our posse of Padres fans who had made the trip. Looking at that picture the next day it struck me that every single one of us except one is wearing a throwback version of the brown and yellow Padres colors. The lone exception is Dallas and he’s wearing an orange SD beanie (because he thinks he’s different). I also noticed that of the few Padres fans that were also at AT&T park that day, most were wearing yellow and brown. This got me wondering about why the Padres management is running from this logo.

Over the last decade the Chargers have worn their baby blues two or three times a year. And the same thing was happening. More fans were wearing the beautiful throwback uniform than were wearing the modern ones. Finally the Chargers stood up and made a compromise. They took some of the design elements from the baby blue uniforms (white piping on the shoulder, white helmets) and incorporated those into the every day uniform of the Chargers. It worked. The new uniforms look great and they’ve been embraced by the Chargers fans who now wear those AND the baby blues.

So my question for the Padres is why not find a compromise between the brown and yellow of the 1970’s and now? Even looking at the simple hat from 78, the panel with a different color on the front is a unique design that’s fallen almost completely out of use in Major League Baseball for apparently no reason at all. The Blue Jays have a throwback hat that incorporates it and it is also one of the best looking caps in MLB (but they insist on wearing that crazy “robot” T hat).

It helps any team’s brand to have a popular look. Some teams are able to make their look popular through winning and championships but, this year excluded, the Padres are never really going to brand themselves as perpetual winners, so why not run towards the logo that has actually created interest on it’s own merits. Rappers have embraced both San Diego franchises “throwback” looks. Every Padres fan younger than 35 I know would rather wear the brown and yellow than the “sand and blue.” So why won’t ownership embrace that idea? Instead we’re subjected to camouflage every Sunday and “sand and sand” on the road. It seems like a no brainer to try to modernize what’s great about the old school brown and yellow uniforms. Hopefully new ownership will see the value of reevaluating their dismissal of the brown and yellow. After all, it is a color scheme that despite not seeing the field (except on special occasions) remains immensely popular amongst fans. And let’s be honest, new uniforms would help distract us from this godawful losing streak. So here’s to the new look Padres of 2011 (may they be wearing the new uniforms in defense of a world championship).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Kept Faith Podcast Ep.10! With special guest - John Reis!

Holy Chris Gwynn Padres fans! What in the name of Jack McKeon is happening? 7-game losing streak and children's tears everywhere!

WELL you're in luck! Because on this episode we are joined by legendary musician (and SD native/lifelong Padres fan) JOHN REIS!

(Lead Singer/Guitarist from Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes and Night Marchers and Swami from FM94/9)

John joins us to calm us down and let us know there is hope on the horizon we just gotta keep the faith! We also talk September call ups, Ted Leitner and Dick Enberg!

Download the new episode by clicking this!

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Keep the Faith! We'll get through this together!