Monday, August 30, 2010

Drinking the Kool-Aid

As promised here is the photo that Reid W. made us. We mentioned on the Kept Faith Podcast (available on iTunes!) that we feel Padres fans are starting to drink the kool-aid!

We also mentioned it would be awesome if Tony Gwynn burst through the Western Metal Building as the Kool-Aid Man. It would work, and Reid made our dreams come true.

This should help you get over the current losing streak. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to the Bandwagon?

On Friday morning, myself and two other Kept Faith contributors (Travis and Joe) started the long trip north to witness the Padres V. Giants battle for first place. It was all part of a big surprise party for another TKF writer and (unfortunately) Giants fan, Sean O’Donnell. We had a suite. We had beer and we had a prediction to destroy.

In case you missed it earlier in the week, Jonathan Sanchez predicted the Giants would sweep the Padres and overtake first place. Most Padres fans thought this was hilarious, but secretly we were all frightened that this would come true. The chance of Bruce Bochy inflicting pain on his old team for selling him short through most of the 2000’s. Can’t blame him. Who wants to manage Ryan Klesko and Desi Relaford? I would maybe be the only one interested in that job. Maybe. Anyway, the Padres had just swept the Pirates, the Giants were on fire and this was truly the most important series of our surprisingly amazing season.

First off if you’ve never been to AT&T Park, do yourself a favor and go. It’s the best of the retro parks and is full of great fans that don’t want to kill you. Unlike Dodger fans. Everyone attending the game in our entourage, except Sean and his lady, were sporting Padres gear. While walking to the stadium we were treated to hateful stares and playful heckles. One guy actually yelled out of his car, “Eff You Padres!” I yelled back “Thank you for not cursing!” We entered the stadium and were immediately ushered in to the suite elevator, which was nice as we skipped all the commoners’ childish comments. Our suite was fantastic and we had the perfect view to watch Jonathan “The Predictor” Sanchez get shelled. Well shelled is a strong word, how about…handled. It was a sloppy game on both ends that included not one but four base running pickles (One that was brilliantly executed by A-Gonz and ended with a diving tag by the Panda.) and three wild pitches. However, we still came out on top with Heath Bell coming in to close out the Padres 3-2 victory. But then something happened that hasn’t happened in quite a long time: As the seven of us cheered Heath Bell’s final out we noticed that the rest of the stadium was completely quiet. It was like he had just cheered someone getting stabbed. We stood a little stunned by the experience but continued our celebration nonetheless. We knew if we left the suite early we’d be berated and heckled to no end, so we stayed a few extra minutes to look down to the lower section to yell and gloat. This is when something happened to me THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE - EVER! As I stood exposing my Padres shirt to the lower level, the Giants fans below me started yelling back and giving me some words. It was all in good fun and really both sides were laughing as we were doing it. Again, a tell tale sign no Dodger fans were around. Then, one Giants fan got a little angry and asked me when I bought my Padres shirt? I asked why and he said, “Did you buy it last week?” I replied with, “Yeah!” because last week I did in fact buy a new Padres shirt. Then he yelled back a magical word, “BANDWAGONER!”

I was stunned. I was shocked and I had no comeback. I could not believe that this guy called me a bandwagoner. I almost thought I heard him wrong, but sure enough as I looked at him in shock he said it again. I walked away feeling like someone had just called me relevant. I have been a Padres fan since my family moved to San Diego in 1984 (Good year) and I have never wavered in my support for the Friars except if the Reds make the playoffs and the Padres don't. Of course there was no way this heckler could know this and nothing I said back would convince him. I could yell, “I cried when Mike Darr died!” but he would have been confused and thrown something at me. I was also astounded that this dude was calling me a bandwagoner as I stood in a suite at Giants stadium with several other fans. Looking at the situation he had to assume that we drove or flew up for the game and rented the suite. Is that what a real bandwagoner does? I don’t think so.

The last thing that amazed me was as we were walking to the parking lot we got several choice words yelled at us and one guy tried to take off Joe’s hat, which set me into temporary rage. There is no reason for that fans. You lost, now tell me to go back to San Diego and don’t try to touch me. Starting a fight over millionaires is idiotic. But, at that moment it hit me - we are villains in this city because we matter! We could have won this game last year or anytime during the 2000’s and people would have just laughed at us and pitied our record, but not this year. They hated us - we were experiencing an honest to God pennant race! It felt almost transcendent.

We spent the night walking to a couple bars and getting serious glares and some heckles here and there from locals. One bartender wouldn’t serve Travis in his Padres jacket and hat. It was to say the least - refreshing. I felt like a Yankee fan walking into any stadium that wasn’t Yankee stadium. I felt like the big dog on campus and everyone was pissed because they could not figure out why I was the big dog. We drank the night away and celebrated our good fortune till the wee hours of the morning.

On our drive home the next day it was relatively quiet and most of us spent the trip sleeping. We listened to the day game on the radio, which the Padres blew in the 11th inning, and all of our happiness kind of spilled out onto the 580 east. It only mattered slightly that we were so triumphant and had so much fun the night before. We were now back where we started in every way possible just 24 hours ago. Joe drove a bit faster and Travis got on his iPad to check other scores and highlights. I went to sleep, wondering how long it would be until someone would call me that magical name that no Padres fan has been called in over a decade - Bandwagoner.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Karsten Whitson and his broskis.

After seeing Hoyer and co. pay over slot for a handful of draft picks, it was clear they were aggressive in going after their guys and not playing cheap. But, in the end, Hoyer said they were too far apart for first-round pick Karsten Whitson.

For a guy who lists his activities as "Baseball, GF, Chillin with the Broskis" on his Facebook page, finishing those GE requirements ended up more appealing than a two million dollar payday to go pro. I'm sure he has his reasons. At least now he'll have more time for...

The GF:

And the Red Sox-loving Broski:

But girlfriends cost money, Karsten, and post-2004 Red Sox fans (as this guy clearly is - he's from Florida) have high expectations in life. Without two million dollars, I wouldn't count on keeping either of them around. You best get back in the draft fast.

And for being a waste of a pick, here's to hoping your career is more Matt Bush than Mat Latos:

Update: Now it's coming out they had a verbal agreement, but Whitson kept upping his asking price. In related news of Whitson being another reason to hate athletes, his Facebook bio reads: B@SEB@LL Junkie, Workin Hard Every Day, Brianna♥ ! Livin One Hell Of A Life. I guess it's for the best he goes to college, considering his Facebook resembles a 12-year-old girl on MySpace.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dallas' Running Diary Padres V. Pirates 8/11

I was pretty excited about getting to write a running diary again since it’s been so long since my last one. Mostly my fault, but really it was America’s. Anyway, I had to be late to the game due to some slide consultations I’m doing for a new small independent company called Sea World. I’m joined per usual by Josh Elwell and this time Mr. Luke Marinkovich. I wish anything Luke said made it into the diary but it didn’t. WARNING: Due to my growing affection for this lineup, the following diary is full of nicknames - try to keep up.


  • A nice 1-2-3 to start off my first inning in the park.

Uh…Jeff Krapf is not in the building. The stadium P.A. Announcer is handling his duties and the Jack in the Box game. Not gonna lie…kinda bummed. Where is he? I want to know? Did he get fired cause he dropped a deuce?


  • A-Gonz slaps a hit away from the shift forcing the pitcher to handle it, which he then misfires to first base, A-Gonz running as hard as he can bumbles in to second. Maybe the worst play I’ve seen both teams execute at the same time in a long time.
  • By the way, A-Gonz shaved. No Krapf, baby face Adrian. It must have been an interesting road trip.
  • A-Gonz scores on a wild pitch! Is Rick Ankiel on the mound?
  • I just gave Will Venable a new nickname before he just struck out: “Winable”. After the strike out: “Whiffable”.



  • El Dorkia up to bat. Pops out.
  • JHJR singles.
  • MTJR singles.
  • I hate the “Everybody Get Up” song!
  • A-Gonz singles home JHJR! That’s how that’s supposed to work dammit!
  • Ludwick doubles home Miggy! That’s how that’s supposed to work dammit!
  • Sean Gallagher (Ex-Friar) in to pitch and tosses a warm-up in the dirt. I like it.
  • Headley (Lamar) walks.
  • Yorvit (“Y-To”?) takes a bases-loaded walk.



  • So a lesbian couple just sat down in front of me. It seems like lesbianism is becoming a lot more social and open. But it kind of sucks because 90% of them are not attractive. It’s like when you were 15 and you snuck into the nude beach and it was just a bunch of old guys.


  • Chan Ho Park on the mound for the Pirates. Ha!
  • El Dorkia hits a double off the wall.
  • KC bunts him to 3rd.
  • JHJR hits a two-run BOMB!
  • Miggy singles. Chan Ho…
  • A-Gonz doubles home Miggy! Chan Ho…
  • Ludwick strikes out and Headley pops out. Chan Ho.



  • Cabrera announced at a replacement at 2nd. Three people clap.
  • It makes me happy that I get to see Andrew McCutchen play his last season with the Pirates.
  • Jose Tabata singles. I wish his last name was Tapitio.
  • So apparently the Padres bullpen (The Penitentiary as Heath Bell calls them.) started the wave that is currently happening in the stadium. While I appreciate their enthusiasm I also hate the wave. Josh and I are not participating. Josh says its cause he’s 25.
  • KC walks in a bases-loaded run. He is now making the slow walk to the dugout. Friere (or whatever) in to pitch. His ERA is 0.93. Just thought I’d write that.
  • A Pirate doubles home two other Pirates. Shit.
  • That was a bummer.


  • “Winable” smacks a ground rule double.
  • The 20-something girl behind me just said the word “fucking” while on a phone call 25 times in 3 minutes. She also said “she’s not a Padres fan, she’s a Red Sox fan.” When asked why she said, “I don’t know.” Sometimes I hate San Diego.
  • Dorkia walks.
  • Scoot Hairston in to pinch hit.
  • Double Steal.
  • Scoot and JHJR strike out. Shit.



  • The refreshed Mike Adams in to pitch.
  • Strikeout.
  • Headley makes a play worthy of the Gods!
  • Headley makes another inning saving play worthy of THE GODS!


  • Evan Meek on the mound.
  • Miggy walks to start off the inning.
  • A-Gonz singles.
  • I lost track of the game because Evan Meek pitches slower than I run the mile.
  • Yorvit hits into a double play. I’d be upset except for the fact that Evan Meek made everyone want to leave the country.



  • Heath Bell makes the long run to the mound. Download this week’s podcast to hear my thoughts on his entrance routine. It’s forced, it’s manufactured and it’s almost getting old.
  • Anyway, he actually stays out of trouble and goes 1-2-3 and the PADRES WIN! CUE MACY GRAY!


What a win and as of today we swept those Pirates! Willie Stargell is rolling over in his grave as I type this. Seriously what has happened to the Pirates? One of the more historic franchises in Baseball history just reduced to nothing. They might move! Where? LA? The Los Angeles Pirates? They could build a stadium in Silverlake and drive out the hipsters. It just makes me sad and it’s got to crush the city of Pittsburgh. They have a rich sports tradition and it’s getting drugged one bad move after another. Yes that was a Ben Roethlisbeger joke.



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Kept Faith Podcast Episode 008!

The brand spanking new Kept Faith Podcast is up and available to download here!

In this week's episode we talk about Ludwick catching fire, we get distracted when attractive girls walk in the room (one even talks on the podcast!) and we get personal about Pete Rose!

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We're hitting the stretch-run kids, let's keep the faith going strong!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ludwick Era and Podcast 007

It's been silent on this blog since the trade deadline brought San Diego a new right fielder and cleanup hitter in Ryan Ludwick. The only language I've known for the Padres since I became a fan is cynicism. And this season is slowly chipping that away. I need time to adjust. Maybe I should be adjusting through writing. Whatever, here's another podcast.