Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dance it out

Last night, despite a tense Padres/Giants game that included comebacks by both teams and extra innings, I couldn't help being distracted by this:

Up top there - if you can't tell on the helpless iPhone photo - are three entire sections of empty seats. Not a soul breathed in Sections 328, 326 or 324. The Padres' attendance problems are no secret, and this year they can't blame it on a losing record. Based on no research whatsoever, I'm blaming it on the gradual watering down of Petco Park.

Never a hotbed of culture and history to begin with, Petco has now lost Trevor Time, Frankin' Friar and one of my personal favorites, Dancing Grounds Crew Guy. Every game I've been to this season, people have remarked that the guy who used to run out with the grounds crew, drop his rake and start dockey kicking isn't there anymore.

Look Moorad, there's a recession on and I've got a nice TV at home. If all I want is baseball, I'll sit on my couch and save the $40 (at least) that a ticket, parking and concessions are going to cost me at a game. Give me some incentive. Believe or not, a Dancing Grounds Crew Guy is just about all it takes. I'm easy like that.

Look at these guys. They need their groove back:

Lame, lame, lame.

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