Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When Athletes Sing

By Nick McCann

The Padres won last night, but again, I decided to watch something else because I assumed they would lose. I guess I was wrong. I guess I want to be wrong more often when it comes to my team.

This morning on the Jim Rome Show, Jim could not shut up about Shane Foster, a NBA second round draft pick, from Vanderbilt, who wrote a song about getting drafted into the NBA and performed it on Youtube. Anybody who thinks NBA players are all overpaid stuck up ego maniacs who have everything handed to them, need to hear Shane sing. He was projected, and drafted in the second round where there is no gurantee that he will make an NBA roster. What you are looking at is a young man who is just happy to get a shot:

He isn't Flannery, but he is coming from the same place.

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