Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Second Half Starts Tonight

By Nick McCann

There are no second acts in American lives.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Padres start the second half of their season tonight against the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis. Jake Peavy will start and hopefully his signature sense of urgency will light a fire under the Pads to turn this season around. With the youth movement set into place with the recent promotions from Triple A, at least we can look and see who is worth bringing back next year. It could be a tough few months. It could be painfully disappointing. It could be as boring as this:

F. Scott drank alot.

I encourage everyone to watch the entire series in St. Louis very closely. They are not having their best year due to injury, but they do, and always have had a pretty decent product on the field. St. Louis is a smaller sports market, but their fanbase is completely focused on baseball, so they do spend top ten payroll money. Is this because their front office has always been operated with a legit sense of consideration for the fans? I've heard it is the perfect baseball city, much like I have heard The Great Gatsby is the perfect American novel. I guess I'll never understand what we are doing wrong, and if the Padres can't turn things around in the second half, I will never understand why Fitzgerald has to be right.

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