Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Badass (not the Mario Van Peebles Movie)

By Nick McCann

Last week former San Diego Chargers linebacker Steve Foley agreed to settle his lawsuit against a police officer who shot him off-duty two years ago and ended his pro football career.

The player was shot in his leg, hip and hand in September 2006 after off duty officer Aaron Mansker followed his car home on suspicion the driver was drunk.

Foley attorney Harvey Levine, said the settlement was reached with Officer Mansker and his employer, the City of Poway, before testimony resumed in the week-old civil trial.
Foley will receive 5.5 million in compensation.
Steve Foley looked like an NFL Linebacker should look because he looked like a badass motherfucker. Badass motherfuckers are guys who right away make you believe that nobody has ever even thought about trying to fight them in public. The difference between scary motherfuckers and badass motherfuckers is very simple. Scary motherfuckers look normal, but surprise you by the scary things they do. Badass Motherfuckers make you believe they have already done them. The best example of this comes from the Police Academy Movie Franchise: Hightower was a Baddass Motherfucker because he intimidated everyone he came across and Tackleberry was a scary motherfucker because he always pulled out a gun in every situation. Both were powerful in their own way, but different in their approach.

On the night where Steve Foley lost his NFL career, he was unfortunate to be a Baddass motherfucker. If his former teammate Doug Flutie, a scary motherfucker in his own right, was doing the same thing that night, would he have gotten shot? Maybe. You never know when you are going to run into an off duty scary motherfucker in Poway.


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