Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Losing to The Marlins Rant

By Nick McCann

Last night the Padres lost to a Florida Marlins team that spends a quarter of the payroll and plays to a home crowd that is on average a third of the size. Usually when that thought passes through my mind during a Florida win over the Padres, the next thought naturally passes through my head: they have been a franchise for 15 years and they already have 2 rings.

The first part of the first half of this season was frustrating, and now I have just become numb. The other day, I heard Mark Grant and Matt Vasgersian plan a gay road trip to Sedona Arizona. I caught the end of it and I only hope there was an Axl Rose Chinese Democracy joke in it. The bit was funny but, it was definitely material appropriate for a team in last place, who is probably losing in the ratings to reruns of The House Wives of Orange County on Bravo (I find rooting for the crazy blonde Italian A personality wife who can’t let go of her kids, to be more enjoyable than watching Khalil Greene try really really hard).

The All Star Game is coming up, and not only is it always the biggest waste of time every year, this year, the Padres are the worst team in the league and they have only one player selected to go. Sure, Adrian Gonzalez would make it onto the team in most years, but it feels forced knowing that every team has to have at least one player in the game.

A few years ago, when the Tigers were the Padres, Dimitri Young went hitting 260 with 13 bombs (those numbers are what it feels like when I remember it. I refuse to look up the numbers of Dimitri Young). Years later, he would go on to beat the shit out of a woman at a gas station, but hey, he still is an All-Star.

Adrian doesn’t really show his emotions and he is having a great year, but I feel bad for him because he is the guy that had to go no matter what. He is kind of like the ugly girl who is forced by her parents to go the dance, who ends up sitting in the corner wondering if anybody cares.

Well they probably don't. But I care Adrian. Let’s go to Sedona and see how Axl is doing.


Liz said...

Do the Pads have any big trade rumors going? When the team is tanking, you can follow trade rumors as if THAT'S the sport

Red said...

Sandy Alderson basically said we'd be sellers rather than buyers this trade season:

"If we were to be buyers, it would be hard to choose among catcher, shortstop, outfielder, starting pitcher, half the bullpen. There's not a shopping cart big enough."