Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Padres Are Sellers

By Josh Elwell

Being in Uganda, Africa, I don't have much time to keep up on Padres news (or write articles for TKF – as you can tell). So, needless to say, my mind was blown when I snuck some Internet time today to see the big trade that went down last week: TONY CLARK TO THE D'BACKS!

After catching it on MLB Trade Rumors, and seeing it on Nick's post below, I immediately fled over to Paul DePodesta's blog to get his spin on it, and my goodness does our new Single-A pitcher sound exciting.

I didn't mind looking up any other facts about him. I trust our Special Assistant to Kevin Towers to give it to me hard and straight (just like he gives it to ol' KT).

His insightful analysis led me to believe that Jake Peavy has a new co-ace in the wings. Move over CY – Yous gots yoself some competition! Yee-haw!

Next time I get some slick, developing-world Internet access, I am sure I'll see Randy Wolf traded for a Single-A CF who makes Jacoby Ellsbury look like yesterday's news; that's just the kind of high-level trades the Padres know how to make.

Oh, and I caught myself up on last weekend's sweep by the Cardinals.

Being in Africa and having the Padres continue their streak of suckiness has proved to me that they're truly an international failure.

Raise your glasses, and say it with me: 'To 2009!' Now, chug.

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Joe C. said...

WOW. You're psychic. Amazing.