Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Post Game Comment

By Nick McCann

"We fell behind early and couldn't recover," Padres manager Bud Black said after last night’s game against the Dodgers. After the season, can he just hold his final press conference of the on the Coronado Bridge, repeat the same sentence, and then jump? I don’t see the point of Bud Black. He didn't improve anything and he didn't replace anybody who really made a huge mark in the grand scheme of things.

Bruce Bochy was loved because he was a rock. And when your team loses most of the time, you think rocks are cool. If Bruce Bochy was Micheal Keaton in Multiplicity, Bud Black would be the quiet boring copy (was there one in that movie? I haven’t thought about Multiplicity in a very long time. That is probably a good thing).

However, I love that Sandy Alderson is dicking around with Bud Black's contract. We all know Bud is not the problem, but it feels like the only thing the front office can do at this point to make the Padres interesting is to make this contract non issue, an issue. I don't want Bud Black to jump off a bridge because I hate him; I want him to jump because he is just another rock, and watching a rock splash into water from a great height would be more entertaining than watching another team like the 2008 Padres.

Bring him back or don’t. I just want a major league team.


Red said...

I don't mind Bud Black, but I do miss Bochy.

Alex Bustos said...

I don't miss "Boch", that motherfucker used to fall asleep during games. Do you think other teams would let a manager get away with that?
As for Bud, he didn't sign my baseball at spring training because he was too busy talking to his daughter about some stupid shit or another. Probably about her going to an Arizona mall for some big league shopping. So fuck him too. i hope the Chargers win the Super Bowl, because the Padres aren't going to see the post season for awaile.

Anonymous said...

Re Multiplicity:

Ozzie Guillen would be like FOUR

Anonymous said...