Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Night Football

By Nick McCann

Tonight’s game is going to suck. Not because of what ever the outcome is, but because the broadcast on ESPN will make you want to throw your shoe at your TV if you are a Charger fan. Brett Farve is unbelievably over rated. Is it is fault? Not really. Is it still annoying that he is in the NFL still after retiring and then coming back only to dominate the media that owns like putty in his hand? God yes!

The power that comes with being the quarterback of the team on top of the NFL is usually over the top and ridiculous and the myth that has grown around Farve since he won a ring is just that. Brett Farve would not be the symbol for all things right about America if the Packers hadn’t signed Reggie White in mid 90s. There, it needed to be said. And lets not forget about Dorsey fucking Levens. I mean, let's not forget. ANYWAYS, White was arguably the greatest defensive player of all time and he basically won them a Superbowl because he was unstoppable.

However, despite the truth about Brett, tonight’s game will lend itself to being great for drinking. Every time Tony Kornheiser reminds you that Brett Farve always wears blue jeans, drink! Every time Ron Jaworski says, “this is what I love about the old gunslinger…” drink! Every time Mike Tirico says, “Deana Favre is great strong lady,” and then hints that he wishes his wife was as obedient, drink!

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