Friday, September 12, 2008

The Dodger Game

By Nick McCann

On Wednesday, while looking up at the Tony Gwynn statue's butt, I decided that I hate Petco Park. I hate what it is, and more importantly, I hate what it means. The Padres have created a place that sells mediocrity at best. Petco is just always kind of a good time. It is a nice place to be. It doesn’t suck because it feels comfortable when the Padres lose. This is dangerous and wrong. The only thing true about Petco is that the statue of “the guy who built it” is accurate in the way it depicts his weight problem.

The Dodgers beat the Padres off of two homeruns by Manny Ramirez, a free agent that we never once thought we could get. There were three times as many Dodgers fans at the game than Padres fans. I wore a Boston hat because I wanted to feel invisible. One drunk Dodgers’ fan with a Manny wig on came up to me and said, “We’ll see you in the series!” My reply was lifeless and true. I said, “Sure, why not.”

Then I bought a ten dollar Sam Adams because I wanted to feel something else. There was no fire to put my hand in, so it went down smooth.


Orange Team Capitons! said...

you are really into feelings.

Josh said...

Was Sam Adams on sale?

Alex Bustos said...

Neither the Dodgers or the Red Sox will make the series. That guy with the wig was lame and fat. Both of these sentences are true.

Dave H said...

Amen, brother.