Friday, August 1, 2008

I Never What To See Khalil Greene's Confused Stupid Looking Face Ever Again

By Nick McCann

Kevin Brown also broke his hand once because he was frustrated, but that was when he was with the Yankees and after he got us to a World Series.

The San Diego Chicken's performance tonight is the only thing that can make me feel anything. After tonight, it is just Charger Preseason football, baby.



Liz said...

Did you know they refer to San Diego as "Condo Canyon" on ESPN Radio? I heard this morning. Not sure if they meant Petco or the whole city. Also not sure if its an insult or what.

tkf said...

I wish the padres would leave. Then we could convert Petco into a football stadium. I'd buy a condo if that were the case.

Sean said...

Condo Canyon?! Fuck yes! What a treasure ESPN radio is.