Tuesday, June 24, 2008


By Nick McCann

I'm really excited about the upcoming series against the Minnesota Twins. This is probably because I have been affected way too much by the impact of The Brandon Walsh idea. I loved Kirby Puckett and so did he. I loved Jennie Garth and so did he (eventually). I love The Replacements, and even though he never really expressed it, I know he did too.

Also, the series gives me an excuse to think about this:


Does it make anybody else sad that the movie Twins has slowly been faded out as a movie that cable networks play on forgettable Sunday afternoons before and after the football season? It used to always just be there like Jeane Tripplehorn and Rescue 911, but now it is not. Con Air is better than okay, and shouldn't get slammed as much as it does, but Devito and Arnold had a chemistry that can't be ignored (watch Junior when you are hungover and tell me it isn't kinda funny). And let's be real, watching Kelly Preston in her prime is like seeing an old picture of a Kirby Puckett smile.