Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Milton Bradley Is Hitting 338 With 14 HRs and 45 RBIs For The Rangers

By Nick McCann

Do you think we should have signed The Board Game in the off season, even though he predictably melted down last season and torn his own ACL (I was there, sitting on the first base side; he did it to himself)?

Jody Gerut and Scott Hairston are combined to be the poor man's Mike Cameron, who-at the point in his career with the Padres-was the poor man's Mark Kotsay, who was the poor man's Steve Finley. Milton Bradley, who can play all positions in the outfield, could have at least been as effective this year as Finley was in 1998 (let's not forget what happened after that. Normally, it would be great to have a guy who cool enough to try to steal a glove from Derek Jeter while being on the same team, but we all know how things turned out when Kevin Towers thought Steve Finley was the poor man's Ruben Rivera).

Mike Cameron was a speed freak who struck out too much (apparently, speed is the poor man's cocaine) and Milton Bradley was just a train wreck passing through. Both players didn't exhibit the qualities that the Padres look for in their players. I guess this is fair, but Bradley is one hot month away from being a serious triple crown threat and Jody Gerut and Scott Hairston are looking like they will eventually fade away into the Padres' former forgettable player abyss. They might end up being the poor man's Jay Payton, but who the hell is that?


Red said...

Since Bradley is a DH this year, he's been unable to get injured every time he's in the outfield. I think that's helped tremendously.

Dave H said...

Padres are racist, only 1/2 black people and mexicans from Eastlake allowed.

tkf said...

both good points!

joe said...

We tried to sign him. He left of his own volition. And he went up to the pressbox to confront a not.

Dave H said...

Well, technically, the Padres offered him a $2 million contract, the Rangers came with $3 million, and we told him good luck in Arlington.