Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This Is Not Creative...I Hate The Dodgers.

By Nick McCann

This week’s series against the LA Dodgers is going to be the most important series of the year. The Pads just swept the Mets and are currently the hottest team in the NL West. Thankfully, this is coming at a time where the division leader, the Diamondbacks, are declining and showing their youth.

Like the last few seasons, the NL West has become a tight race, and this mid week at home series against the evil boys in blue, is the Padres’ best chance to save this roller coaster of a season and regain the interest and support of the Padre faithful.

Tonight, LA fans that attend the game at Petco will be distracted by the results of the Lakers’ game, and Padre fans who understand their duty to get drunk and fight back at all costs, can use this fact to their advantage.

Afterall, this guy will be at the game and he will never believe Kobe ever did anything wrong in Colorado:

A vulnerable Dodger fan is exactly what we need at this point in the season. They will be confident when they know the Lakers are winning, because they can make themselves believe that it doesn’t matter if the Dodgers win; they will believe they are on their way to another NBA ring. In the same way it was easier for Boston fans to deal with their Super bowl loss because it was right after the Red Sox won the World Series, Dodger fans will use their success in their other major sport to dull the pain of being associated with Andruw Jones.

Remember, these are disgusting human beings who draw wisdom from this retard:

Is Magic Johnson really going to out live that son of bitch?

Go KG! Go Pads! Go Don Rickles!

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Liz said...

Don Rickles is going to haunt my nightmares now. Thanks.

Go Pads!