Friday, April 25, 2008


By Nick McCann

Chris Young was on the sour end of a pitchers' duel last night, giving up a solo homer as one of just two hits he allowed in seven innings. He struck out 10 batters in his losing effort, while his teammates couldn't score when they had the opportunities in the fourth and seventh innings.


Padre recaps are becoming like those boring jazz standards that you hear every time you go to your grandma’s house where she makes you cookies, tells you stories about your dead grandpa as if he is still alive, and then passes out because she just drank her weight in Tom Collins that she tried to hide in her 1989 AMPM sport bottle every time she went to the kitchen.


The Padres don’t have hitting and they don’t have a bullpen. That is it. It doesn’t matter that it is April and that there is a long season ahead. With the starting pitching hurling at a playoff level, this season is becoming more and more like a classic case of wasted premium talent. The bottom line is that the Padres at 9-14 are not showing any signs of being a complete team, or even a team that has something to look forward to if things don’t work out this season.

The game last night was hard to watch because the Padres were going up against a team that genuinely looked like they were having more fun. The Giants are a team that just got out of a bad relationship with a bad person. Barry Bonds is not hanging over them, and telling them what to do, and what to wear, so now they are out at the club and they getting over the relationship by fucking other people (or having their no offense catcher do things he isn’t supposed to do at 1:30am on a weeknight). When they win, it doesn’t matter, and when they lose, it doesn’t hurt.

San Francisco probably won’t be a serious contender for a few years, but they do seem to have a bright future with a lot of young talent developing, and you can see it in the way they carry themselves. The Diamondbacks and The Rockies look and feel the same way. The Rockies put it together last year and the D-Backs look like they are headed down the same road.

The Padres have young talent in the field and in the starting pitching, but if the bullpen doesn’t come together soon, they are going to be battling it out for fourth place, where unfortunately, true San Diego fans feel the most comfortable. Trevor excels in these situations and maybe that is the most fitting way for him to go off into the sunset: 28 saves in a season that is over by labor day.

Does anybody know when the Chicken is coming? I need to laugh…again.

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Joe said...

The days where we can yell "you hit like a Padre" have returned.