Wednesday, September 15, 2010


10-game losing streak... Sweep of the Dodgers... Losing 3 of 4 to the Giants... One game away from sweeping what was baseball's hottest team.

This is all getting really confusing. 18 games left and the Padres are 1.5 bad games away from staying home in October. But they're also 1.5 games strong for a playoff berth. Which one is it!?

At least The Cunster's looking good at the top of the lineup. Leave him in leadoff, Bud. We've finally got to a place in the season where we have a semi-consistent lineup from 2-6 (Eckstein, Ludwick, Gonzalez, Tejada, Headley), why not squeeze a consistent leadoff hitter in there? If the playoffs started today, I'd want that lineup with Durango in CF, Venable and Denorfia on the bench, our dreamy Catcher duo, and Jerry Hairston Jr. and Matt Stairs as the other two on the bench. I'll save my thoughts on the pitchers I want in October if we actually get there.

The offense is finally showing life (on Colorado's Little League field) and has me excited for the next two and a half weeks. Luebke and Stauffer are making fine replacements for Correia and LeBlanc. Young may be on the roster any day now. And Hairston Jr. and Gwynn are finally healthy(ish).

The win some-lose some-win some-lose some approach may be a little frustrating, but if we can keep winning the games we have to win, then I suppose I'll excuse those ugly losses to SF over the weekend.

PS. I just checked and The Cunster's back on top of the lineup for the second straight game! Unheard of! Sweep 'em away Friars. And then go to Busch Stadium this weekend with your heads held high knowing that if you do make the playoffs, you won't have to worry about losing to that crap team in the first round. But beat them, don't get distracted, definitely beat them too. 'Cause they suck right now. So beat them.

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