Thursday, September 30, 2010

Please God

I don't ask for much from you. In fact, I spend a large amount of my time denying your existence. But if you could do this atheist one little favor I promise I won't deny your existence so vehemently. Is there any way you could put the Padres in the playoffs for me? I'd just really appreciate it so much.


Josh Elwell said...

This is what I get for letting an atheist do my praying for me. I read this earlier and thought "Perfect, Joe took care of my pre-game prayer ritual". And now - I'll never root for the Padres the same way again. Tonight shook me to the core.

The off-season just started. The faith won't be kept for me this weekend.

One positive takeaway: I want Garland back in 2011 (with a new lineup).

Pizza said...

It's not over. If I told you before the season that the Padres could win the West with three wins to the end the year, would you take that? They could even tie for the Wild Card by taking two of three. All three teams control their own destiny. How fun is that? Let's get after it!

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