Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Padres Fall to Rockies 10-6

Every time the Padres lose a game I think to myself, "Ok, here we go. This is what the team is really like. That was fun while it lasted."

I have no idea how to root for a first place team. It's so confusing.


Anonymous said...

I can tell I've flipped the switch from 'skeptic' to 'believer' because I honestly thought the boys were gonna pull it out last night.... and even though they didn't I can tell myself "It was KC vs. Ubaldo Jimenz, fer chrisskaes! I didn't really expect to win anyways, and certainly not to score 6 runs in any event!"

Tonight we'll get back to our winning ways and all will be well again.

Sam Sosa said...

All this winning is getting tiresome. We need something to complain about.