Monday, June 28, 2010

The Kept Faith Podcast Episode 003!

Sorry for the delay with Episode OO3. You know, stuff happens. Listen here.

In this episode Josh is on vacation, we answer an e-mail, we play Scott Stapp's song about the Florida Marlins and we announce a song writing contest!

That's right we are calling any and all songwriters out there to write your very own song about the Padres! It can be as bad as Scott Stapp's or as good as Sean O'Donnell's! We will declare a winner AUGUST 6TH! The winner will get two tickets to a Padres game before the season is over!

Send questions and submissions to

And keep listening to the podcast as we'll play submissions (good or bad) over the next month!

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We're 15 games over .500 baby! It's a great time to be a Friar Fan!

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Liz said...

Strike outs, base hits doooble plays!