Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forgetting Trevor Hoffman

by Joe Chandler

 Tonight at approximately 10:00 pm, the Padres got their first win of the season. Coupled with this, Heath Bell got his 3rd career save and his first official save as Trevor's replacement. I was watching the Dodger feed. Vin Scully said out loud what I was already thinking.  Heath throws hard. Trevor didn't throw hard. Trevor threw soft. 

Things are going to be different from here on out.
It's a new era in San Diego. The stadium was empty, the Cubs are holding a spot in their rotation for Jake and Tony Gwynn is across town coaching a pitcher who will be starting for the Nationals by September. 
Still, tonight offered a lot. Heath's curve ball was nasty and even Vin Scully was impressed with the weight he lost. Chase Headley hit a huge two out double down the left field line to take back the lead on behalf of Chris Young and Edwin Moreno in his first ever major league appearance walked two batters and then got Manny to pop out.  These moments all helped me forget that I've lost my job and that my rec league basketball team lost on a ridiculous last minute buzzer beater that was shot well after time expired.

By the end of the year, I'm sure we'll be mired in last place, we'll be annoyed that Chase always swings at the first pitch (he Chases it LOL!), Heath Bell will have gained a  few pounds and we'll be longing for the old kind of bells (hells) and Edwin Moreno's walks will no longer be amusing.  We're supposed to finish in last place and we probably will.  But tonight, we beat the Dodgers and life was good.  

Note: I've been reading SI's compilation "Great Baseball Writing." Upon rereading this, I realize I probably need to stop. 

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Liz said...

I have officially started the letter writing campaign to get Heath Bell to change his entrance music to the theme from "Saved by the Bell." Apparently he used some lame generic hard rock song last night. Saved by the Bell works on a few levels, and come on Padres, the fans are gonna need SOMETHING this year!