Thursday, April 9, 2009


By Nick McCann

The first series against LA is over and the Padres are 2-2.

Three things I learned:

1. Heath Bell can be great in the first week of the season. This is important, especially this year. Our new closer had the most pressure of any Padre going into this season, and he has shown so far that he can handle it while throwing gas. However, I’m still skeptical of this guy because during spring training I heard him jokingly attribute his sudden weight loss to playing the Nintendo Wii in the off-season. It sounded like a guy trying really hard to sound cool. Trev never had to do that on the radio. It’s great that Bell is taking this opportunity seriously, but shouldn’t he have taken being a major freaking leaguer seriously last season? I know it is stupid, but I kind of want him to be an asshole. I want the Padres to be great, but I want him to fail because I will always be a Trevor guy. These are things that I am not proud of. Denver Broncos fans probably felt the same way in 2000.

2. I will never care what uniform Manny Ramirez wears. I don’t care if he quits on the Red Sox, beats my team, or melts down on the Dodgers and takes a bat to Joe Torre’s kneecaps, Manny will always be the man to me because he doesn't try to sound cool like Heath Bell; he is too cool to make a sound.

3. Listening to day games with Jerry Coleman and Ted Leitner on the radio is still like listening to your grandpa and your douchebag uncle tell the same story for the 10, 000th time.

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red said...

You're crazy. Heath Bell is a zillion times cooler than Manny...and not just because I find him way more attractive.