Monday, July 19, 2010

Wily Mo!

Yeah, so he kinda flamed out in Washington over '07 and '08. But, at 28 years old, Wily Mo Pena's the type of player I don't mind signing to a minor league contract. It looks like he's going straight to Portland and we'll see what he does from there. But hopefully (and I'm sure) this will be the first of a handful of moves Jed makes before the 31st. The real significance here is seeing that Jed and co. don't mind rolling the dice on a "non-Petco" type of player.

Because with all the talk of building around speed and defense, making a low-risk move for a power hitter like Wily Mo wasn't expected. Maybe that's why it's fun. And if they think Wily Mo could potentially handle the outfield, than what's stopping them from thinking Lance Berkman could head back there too? (Yes, that's the bat I want hitting behind Gonzo. Sorry, Corey Hart.)

Anyway, here's The Kept Faith's toast to Wily Mo: At least it's not Miguel Tejada.

Oh, and given that he'll be lucky to see anything beyond Portland this year, maybe this is just roster filler in anticipation of trading away a crew of our minor leaguers for someone not two years removed from the big leagues.


Liz said...

It would be a stretch to say Wily Mo was a "disaster" for the Red Sox, but he certainly wasn't good. I'm shocked Hoyer's taking another chance on him. I hope he never makes it past Portland

Josh Elwell said...

Those 2006 numbers he put up in Boston were impressive. And when he got off to a slow start in 2007, he picked it back up when he was traded to the Nationals... before fading away in 2008 with them. Wily Mo = strong start for a team, fades away. Maybe we can squeeze 150 decent AB's out of him down the stretch.

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