Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Tejada Trade Via Text

After the news broke that the Padres would now be dressing Miggy T a couple thoughts went through my head:

1) Is Kevin Towers still the GM?
2) Is he playing SS?
3) I am gonna try to be optimistic.

Josh Elwell then texted me the official news and we had the following conversation via text.

JOSH: Looks like Miggy may be heading to SD. At least that means you get your wish since he'll probably take Oscar Salazar's roster spot.

JOSH: Yep, it's done. Tejada the Padre. He'll share time with Evereth at SS. Maybe even some 2B too.

DALLAS: He can't play short anymore! He's a f**&^ng third baseman!

JOSH: He played it last year. Played 158 games at SS.

DALLAS: How many this year?

JOSH: Come on. That wasn't my point. The O's needed him at 3B. But he's played th epast 10 or however many years at short. He can do it for two more months!

DALLAS: I'm not kidding you - I'm trying to be optimistic.

JOSH: I'm trying to be optimistic too. Definitely not excited. But, I'm pointing out he can still play SS. And he hit really well there for the Astros last year. Terrible this year though. But I'm hoping going to a first place team will excite him and we can get two good months out of it. And we gave up nobody.

DALLAS: True. He can't hit MUCH worse than Cabrera.

JOSH: Another truth.

DALLAS: I would have just rather worked on getting an arm and playing Jerry H. Jr. at 2nd till Eck comes back then put JHJR at SS fulltime.

JOSH: Well here's the latest: They're still in talks on a mystery trade. This won't stop us from getting an outfielder. And they could still get an arm in August.

DALLAS: I like Cunningham and El Dorkia. They have been good. ARM!!

JOSH: A poet! Tejada's quote: "Now I go into a situation where I can get a ring. It's not easy to get a ring. It's a lot of hard work."

It is indeed Miggy. Now you better start working!



Liz said...

Maybe the Red Sox can trade you Mike Lowell for a bullpen arm? You have an excess of good pitching and could really use a hitter like Lowell.

I'm going to take some more crazy pills now.

Q said...

Here's the problem:

The Pads are running on pure chemistry right now. They have one truly good hitter and, even as an ex-Padre hater, it's a fantastic story that a team with one good player is going to take their scrappy slap-and-dash style all the way to October.


The Pads should not have made this move. It doesn't help them in any meaningful way (do they even NEED help?) and could hurt them. I mean look if you can get a real impact player (Werth and Dunn are possibly the only guys worth having--and Werth is a dick), you do it.

Look at it this way:

On paper, the Pads need to upgrade EVERY position except 1st base and closer. But on the field, they are in first place and have been basically all year. So why do anything to mess with the smoke and mirrors that are working beautifully? Especially when the 3 teams chasing you have done nothing to help themselves? (Doyers getting Podsednik is even less interesting that Miggy because at least Miggy was good once).