Wednesday, December 8, 2010

J.B. Smoove comes to San Diego.

Posted this last Friday: "While I'm on the topic of moves that seem inevitable, have we traded for Jason Bartlett yet?" Well, now we've got him. Our 2001 draft pick will finally play a game with the team that drafted him.

He's a slick fielder, his initials are J.B., it's all very obvious, I'm giving him the nickname of my favorite actor on Curb Your Enthusiasm -- J.B. Smoove. It feels good to have our SS and #2 hitter penciled in. And I'm obviously kidding about the slick fielder part, he's a butcher, so the nickname will have to be ironic, but it's too good not to use.

Jed Hoyer is continuing to take advantage of San Diego's great bullpen reputation in trades... by shipping off the guys who didn't really contribute to it being great. First with Mujica and Webb for Maybin. Now with Russell and Ramos for J.B. I like it. GAB is still in tact with Thatcher, Frieri and now Dustin Moseley backing them up.

Let's hope J.B.'s slash line in 2011 is more 2009 (320/389/490) than 2010 (254/324/350). And it's nice he's happy to be here. His quote: "It's something that if I could have chosen a team, that's definitely the team I would have chose."

Welcome to San Diego, Mr. Smoove. And thanks for bringing along a replacement for Mrs. Eckstein. Now if we can just get Mark Kotsay to replace Matt Stairs on the bench, the hot girlfriends and wives on the team gets a significant upgrade.