Monday, October 20, 2008

Postseason Thoughts

By Nick McCann

I guess I am rooting for the Rays to win it all. I don’t know if it is because I like their youthful spirit or if I just hate Ryan Howard’s Subway commercial. I mean come on black community; you need to have a problem with that shit. Every time I see that smiling chubby mess reciting that poem (not rap) about his favorite foot long, I feel bad for Joe Frazier and the way he was painted by Muhammad Ali as being the ultimate Uncle Tom. Ryan Howard has chosen to be that guy, and it is disgusting. Anyways, this World Series will be hard to watch for obvious reasons for Padre fans. The Rays have made it as far as the Padres did 10 seasons ago, which was the same year they entered the league. This means that they have been more successful starting from scratch than the Pads have been in the last ten years as an established club. Also, the Rays payroll is about thirty million smaller than San Diego’s and will undoubtedly serve to be an example for why the Padres can justify cutting salary this winter. We all know that they were going cut salary anyways, but now Sandy Alderson can do it and not feel bad (well, if he had feelings).

I guess the upside to Boston and LA not going to the series this year is that we don’t have to watch JD Drew not care about being a major leaguer and we don’t have to watch Tommy Lasorda wax on about his favorite color. I mean, I will always love watching Manny Ramirez hit, but I can wait until next year when he is a Met.
Well, that is how I feel about the post season. The World Series will be boring, but I guess it will keep my mind off of the Jake Peavy Saga (ha!). I say let him go. Let’s get some good young talent and destroy it...the Padre way.


Red said...

I think Ryan Howard is adorable in that Subway commercial.

I found email evidence I predicted the Rays would be in the series way back on July 4th. I am amazing.

KS said...

But Sandy Alderson he a Marine! He gets thing done!

Wait, seriously, can we get rid of those horrid camo jerseys? The flag wasn't enough? Now we need battle gear? What's next: Bud Black with with a ray gun to remove pitchers?

I can imagine the conversation now between little Billy in Santee and his Dad.

Billy: Why do the padres where those jerseys?

Dad: Because, Billy, they are honoring the United States Military.

Billy: But why does the military wear those uniforms?

Dad: Well, Billy... the camo is worn so we can kill the locals before they kill us.

Billy: Why are we killing locals?

Dad: Ohh, Billy. You're so naive. Finish you Freedom Fries, son.


But I guess it makes sense the Padres are wearing camo. But the jerseys should really be field colored so they can blend into the field and hide in shame from the rest of the league.

ks said...

Also, I was so embarrassed for Ryan Howard during the World Series. I mean, that stupid Subway commercial with him singing. Oiy. Make it stop. Was the extra cash Subway giving him really worth THAT?! Good god. What's next...a Cialis commercial starring Howard using a lot of a bunch double entendres?

Anonymous said...

The artist's rendition of Kurt Beverageaqua looks like Dennis Eekerslely